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Saturday, September 17, 2011

NGAGE 2.0 (easy installation and all games in mediafire link)

STEPS on HOW TO INSTALL N-GAGE 2.0 on your phone
note: your nokia phone must be series 60 3rd edition but NOT all are excpetional
note: install Nokia PC suite, latest version recomended

1. you need to h*ck your phone first.

2. update your phone to latest firmware (optional or it depends)

3. remove or uninstall any previous ngage2.0 application and games as well...
(note:if you want to save your ngage POINTS, upload your score 1st in the website, connect to net through your phone to do it.)

4. Then download the latest ngage2.0 application...
so far the latest is: N-gage2.0 application version 1.40 (download:

Now after download, extract the .rar file then you will find 3 files:
---1. N-gage INSTALLER v.1.40.1557
---2. N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH
---3. N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH with

( note: 2. and 3. are just the same, 3. only has included with themes)

4. Now after you've downloaded the ngage app.. INSTALL the N-gage INSTALLER v.1.40.1557 to your Phone.... (just to be sure, enable your h*ck capabilities)

5.If the installation is successful, now it's time to install the games... now, install a 1st game... you don't need to install the patch yet.... base on my experience......

6. If the installation of the 1st game is successful now install the N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH.... just only mark the PATCH box, then the trial stamp will be remove.

7.If you will install another game,
just install first,N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH... just only mark the unpatch box,
then now install your next game...
if the installation of the game is successful,
now install N-gage1.40 PATCH & UNPATCH again, just mark the patch box this time....

8. repeat step 7 if you will install another game..
NGAGE 2.0 (easy installation and all games in mediafire link) URL NEXT.